Felipe Escobar


I’m a fantasy focused illustrator for the entertainment industry, particularly table top and CCG/TCG. I’m also a professional Industrial Designer graduated in 2012 from PUCV, e.[ad]. I finished my studies successfully only to pursue a career as a fantasy Illustrator by using my knowledge in design making processes to give the best service I can.

Is my main goal to help create new and original worlds where gamers and viewers can get lost through its storytelling and background. Helping create an unique experience and new creatures and characters is what drives me forward, I love working in teams of people that are as passionate and as committed, even though I love freelancing I do rather work in groups rather than alone. I like to maintain my role as an asset and to lead and direct only when needed.

My inspiration comes from music and nature itself. Grown up in the south of Chile surrounded by forest and wildlife that nurtured my imagination by day dreaming about fantasy and epic stories.

Thank you for coming by and if you need any services feel free to contact me at any given time.


Sports, reading, painting, rpg gaming (Baldur's Gate II).

Influential artists:
Todd Lockwood, Brom, Alan Lee, Justin Sweet

Blind Guardian, Nightwish, Cryonic Temple, Gorgoroth, Drudkh, Demonaz, Immortal, Cannibal Corpse and fantasy games OST's.


Freelance Illustrator

Rhino Games,

Freelance Illustrator

HEX Entertainment,

It is an amazing pleasure to work with the team of HEX in their CCG illustrations.

Freelance Illustrator

Legendary Games,

Freelance Illustrator

Monte Cook Games,

Freelance illustrations

Freelance Illustrator

Kobold Press,

Freelance Illustrator

Fantasy Flight Games,

freelance illustrations

Freelance illustrator

DeNA, Chile

Illustrator at Hellfire, IP of AtakamLabs, DeNA.

Freelance illustrator

Paizo Publishing, Chile

I started working for Paizo Publishing as freelance artist for their TCG Pathfinder project. Great experience and very friendly people. Tight schedules and a lot of work.

Freelance illustrator

To The World, Chile

I worked in a couple of occasions for this company. They are very straight to business and very efficient on time management. Great experience.

Art Director

Epic Movement, Chile

i took the position of art direction with Epic Movement as I was one of the lead illustrators. I worked in that position for a few months and then left to advance in other areas.
It was a very good starting experience and got me into the professional aspect of the industry right away.

Art Director, Illustrator and Lead Concept Artist

Niebla Games, Chile

I started working In Niebla Games as the same way as Epic Movement. Started as Lead Illustrator and then took charge from the Direction area. I worked very little with them but had chance to administrate illustrators and correct art for their TCG developing project.
Amazing experience, very friendly environment.


Industrial Designer

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Valparaíso, Chile


  • Paizo Publishing
  • Epic Movement
  • Niebla Games
  • Cirugía Movs
  • To The World
  • DeNA
  • HEX Entertainment
  • Artistic Justice Games
  • Fantasy Flight Games
  • Monte Cook Games
  • Legendary Games
  • Kobold Press
  • Rhino Games Inc


  • fantasy art
  • creature design
  • props
  • industrial design


  • Photoshop
  • Brainstorming
  • 2D Digital
  • Thumbnailing
  • Design Thinking
  • AutoCAD
  • SketchUP
  • MODO